Sun WorkShop 6 Installation Guide Sun Microsystems



1.  Preparing for Installation

Software Installation Overview
System Requirements
Online Documentation Requirements
Configuring a StandAlone License Server
Configuring a System Without a Network Interface Card

2.  Requesting Your Licenses

Choosing a License
Personal Edition (Node-locked), Desktop Edition (Node-locked), and Floating Licenses
Domain-Based Licenses
Choosing a License Server Configuration
Single Independent Server Configuration
Multiple Independent Server Configuration
Redundant Server Configuration
Completing the License Request Form
Contacting the Sun License Center
Email Contact
Saving an Email License to File
Fax Contact
Telephone Contact

3.  Installing Software

Special Cases
From Try and Buy Software to Purchase
Early Access Versions of Sun WorkShop 6
Supporting Previous Software Releases
Local or Remote Installation
Software Installation Steps
Using Web Start
Using the Command-Line Installation
Changing PATH and MANPATH Variables

4.  Installing Your Licenses

Special Cases
Using lit License Installer
Email License File Installation
Fax License Installation
Using the lit_tty Command-Line Executable
Email License File Installation
Fax License Installation
Demo License Installation
(Optional) Changing the Owner of the License Server Daemon

5.  Understanding Fortran Licenses

About Fortran Licenses
Using Fortran Licenses
Using Fortran Limited Licenses or Unlimited Licenses
Using Fortran Limited Licenses With Unlimited Licenses

6.  Removing Software

Using the Web Start Uninstaller
Using the Command Line Uninstaller

7.  Troubleshooting

Registry Data File Problems
Information Mismatch If You Use pkgadd Without Web Start
Information Mismatch If You Use pkgrm Without Web Start
License Problems
License Was Not Installed Properly or Does Not Work
No License Received

A.  Sun WorkShop Products and Packages



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