Sun WorkShop 6 Installation and Licensing Reference Sun Microsystems



1.  License Server Configurations for Floating Licenses

Single Independent Server Configuration
Example: Single Independent Server
Example: Multiplatform Environment
Multiple Independent Server Configuration
Example: Multiple Independent Server Configuration
Redundant Servers

2.  License Management

Sun's User License Scheme
The License File
Router File
Elementary License Files
The License Manager Daemon
The Vendor Daemon
Sun WorkShop Software
The daemon_options File
License Administration
Using lmhostid to Get the Hostid for a System
Using lmver to Identify Your FLEXlm Version
Checking That Licenses Are Installed
Logging Licensing Activities
Stopping and Restarting the License Daemons
Using lmdiag to Diagnose License Problems
Using lmstat to Monitor Licensing Activities
Changing the License Server hostname
Changing License Servers
Getting License Information
Upgrading Your Operating System
Using lmreread to Reread the License File
Using lmremove to Remove a User's License
Recovering a Lost License
Releasing a License
File Names and Paths
Additional Help

3.  License Certificate Information

Adding Rights for Additional Licenses
Getting Upgrades
Start of Warranty



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