Sun Performance Library User's Guide Sun Microsystems



1.  Introduction

Libraries Included With Sun Performance Library
Sun Performance Library Features
Mathematical Routines
Compatibility With Previous LAPACK Versions
Getting Started With Sun Performance Library
Enabling Trap 6

2.  Using Sun Performance Library

Improving Application Performance
Replacing Routines With Sun Performance Library Routines
Improving Performance of Other Libraries
Using Tools to Restructure Code
Fortran f77/f95 Interfaces
Using Fortran 95 Features
Fortran Examples
C Interfaces
C Examples

3.  SPARC Optimization and Parallel Processing

Using Sun Performance Library on SPARC Platforms
Compiling for SPARC Platforms
Compiling Code for 64-Bit UltraSPARC
Optimizing for Parallel Processing
Specifying the Parallelization Mode
Starting Threads
Parallel Processing Examples

4.  Working With Matrices

Matrix Storage Schemes
Banded Storage
Packed Storage
Matrix Types
General Matrices
Triangular Matrices
Symmetric Matrices
Tridiagonal Matrices
Sparse Matrices
Sparse Solver Matrix Data Formats
Sun Performance Library Sparse BLAS
Naming Conventions
Sparse Solver Routines
Routine Calling Order
Sparse Solver Examples

A.  Sun Performance Library Routines


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