Introduction to Sun WorkShop Sun Microsystems



1.  About Sun WorkShop

Integrated Text Editors
Integrated Debugging Service
Source Code Browser
Performance, Source Code Management, and GUI-Building Tools
Multithreaded Development Tools
Sun WorkShop TeamWare
Sun WorkShop Visual

2.  Getting Started

Working With Projects
Creating a Project
Building Project Targets
Editing a Project
Using the WorkShop Main Window
Choosing a Text Editor and Text Editor Options
Setting Startup and Project Options
Accessing Sun WorkShop Components

3.  Building Programs

Working With Targets
Sun WorkShop Target
User Makefile Target
Using the Building Window
Building a Program
Building With Default Values
Specifying Your Own Build Values
Specifying Build Options
Using Makefile Macros
Using Environment Variables
Identifying Build Errors
Exiting Building

4.  Debugging a Program

Preparing for Debugging
Starting Debugging
Customizing Your Debugging Session
Stepping Through Your Code
Setting Breakpoints
Examining Values and Data
Monitoring Data Values
Collecting Performance Data
Detecting Runtime Errors
Tracing Code
Examining the Call Stack
Debugging Multithreaded Programs
Debugging Processes Simultaneously
Managing Sessions
Debugging a Child Process
Exiting Debugging

5.  Browsing Source Code

Using Pattern Search Mode
Pattern Search Special Characters
Multiple Directory Searches
Using Source Browsing Mode
Source Browsing Databases
Source Browsing Special Characters
Multiple Directory Browsing
Relating Browsing and Graphing
Graphing Functions
Graphing Classes
Browsing Classes
Exiting Browsing

6.  Analyzing Program Performance

Collecting Performance Data
Analyzing Performance Data
Examining Function and Load-Object Metrics
Examining Caller and Callee Metrics
Displaying Annotated Source and Disassembly Code

7.  Merging Source Files

Loading Files into Merging
Working With Differences
Reading Merging Icons
Moving Between Differences
Resolving Differences
Setting Difference Options
Merging Automatically
Saving the Output File
Setting Merging Options

A.  Sun WorkShop and Text Editor Resources

Changes to Resource Settings
Editable Sun WorkShop Resources
Highlight Colors in Editor Windows
Data Graph Window Colors
Call Graph and Class Graph Window Colors
Audible Warnings
Debugger Buttons
Dbx Commands and Program I/O Window Output Lines
Project make Command
Browser Used to Display Web Updates
Character Fonts in Hyperlink Windows
Hyperlink Resources
Automatic Text Wrapping
Vertical Scrollbars
Motif-Specific Resources
Window Foreground and Background Colors
Scrollbar Background and Toggle Button Colors
Editable Text Editor Resources
Text Editor Default Path Names
Blinking Pointer
Fonts for Text Editor Motif Environments
Text Editor Window Colors
Scrolling List Background Color
Writable Text Area Background Color
Balloon Expression Evaluator Popup Dimensions
Text Editor Audible Warnings

B.  The make Utility and Makefiles

The Makefile
Fortran 77 Example
C++ Example
The make Utility

C.  The dmake Utility

Basic Concepts
The dmake Host
The Build Server
Impact of the dmake Utility on Makefiles
Concurrent Building of Targets
Limitations on Makefiles

D.  Source Browsing With sbquery, sb_init, and sbtags

The sbquery Utility
Environment Variables
The sb_init File and Commands
The sbtags Utility



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