Updated 00/03/29
Sun WorkShop(TM) TeamWare 6 Readme

This document contains last-minute information about Sun WorkShop(TM) TeamWare 6. It describes the software corrections addressed by this release and lists known problems, limitations, and incompatibilities.

The text version of this document can be viewed by typing the following at a command prompt:

    more /opt/SUNWspro/READMEs/teamware

The HTML version of this document can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Choose Help -> Readme from the main window of Configuring, Freezepointing, Merging, or Versioning.

  • Point your Netscape(TM) Communicator 4 or compatible Netscape version browser to:

Note - If your Sun WorkShop software is not installed in the /opt directory, ask your system administrator for the equivalent path on your system.

  1. About Sun WorkShop TeamWare 6
  2. Software Corrections
  3. Problems and Workarounds 
  4. Limitations and Incompatibilities 
  5. Documentation Errata 
  6. New Features

A. About Sun WorkShop TeamWare 6

Sun WorkShop TeamWare 6 is available on the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment (SPARC(TM)  Platform Edition) and Solaris Operating Environment (Intel Platform Edition) versions 2.6, 7, and 8. 

To send comments or suggestions about Sun WorkShop TeamWare 6 to the Sun WorkShop TeamWare development team, choose Help -> Send Comments from the Sun WorkShop TeamWare help menu.

For more information, see: 

  • Online help and man pages available with this release.

  • Sun WorkShop 6 Release Notes, which describe installation-related and late-breaking information about Sun WorkShop 6. Information in the Release Notes overrides information in all readme files.
  • About Sun WorkShop 6 Documentation -- Describes the documentation available with this Sun WorkShop release and how to access it.

  • What's New in Sun WorkShop 6, which describes the new features in this release for all Sun WorkShop products.
The last two documents are accessible in HTML by pointing your browser to /opt/SUNWspro/docs/index.html. If your Sun WorkShop software is not installed in the /opt directory, ask your system administrator for the equivalent path on your system.

B. Software Corrections

This section lists corrections to the software that have been fixed since the last release.

This section is divided into the following subsections:

  1. Configuring
  2. Versioning
  3. Merging
  4. Freezepointing
  5. Command-Line
  6. Help
  7. Misc

  1. Configuring

    • 4288807: WorkShop dumps core on Select a Validation Program Window.
    • 4252493: "Cancel" button of "Update Nametable" dialog tries to free memory which is already freed and codemgrtool dumps core.
    • 4298011: Load Children is very slow when list of children is large.
    • 4298010: workspace reparent command fails if parent has unaccessible children.
    • 4288803: After entering a description and deleting it in the Description field of Workspace Properties, you can't make the last character of that description reset by Reset button.
    • 4285227: bringover cannot propagate updated history file.
    • 4287447: Executing workspace descr <ws_name> causes workspace to dump core.
    • 4248378: Codemgrtool dumps core while resolving conflicts.
    • 4204926: bringover command does not continue process if the top SCCS directory is a symbolic link.
    • 4233580: bringover command dumps core on unrecognized workspace name.
    • 4303263: Access control entries beyond 1024 bytes are ignored.
    • 4244542: View/Refresh from codemgrtool menu doesn't update parent-child connection when parent of child workspace is changed outside of codemgrtool.

  3. Versioning

    • 4289825: History window does not show checked out deltas.
    • 4206890: Vertool can fail to show differences in Merging window and goes into an infinite loop.
    • 4231938: Segmentation Fault occurs if the file being checked out is writable.
    • 4222880: Vertool core dumps when two deltas selected are checked out.
    • 4242753: Time stamp on file history is not shown properly when deltas are made in y2000.

  5. Merging

    • 4301476: Filemerge ignores diff options passed with -diffopt flag when invoked by full path.

  7. Freezepointing

    • RFE 4247792: To generate a specific freezept file by given a date.
    • 4270074: freezept update -n command does not work.
    • 4308293: Not able to do incremental freezepoint using the version of certain files.
    • 4196656: freezept extract -x gets files from the source workspace instead of the target workspace.
    • 4229140: freezept extract -f filename dumps core when filename is invalid.
    • 4250349: freezepttool dumps core when clicking on the "Destination Directory" button repeatedly.

  9. Command-Line

    • 4285229: workspace find command writes execution log to workspace history file.
    • 4270198: workspace find -c should not list files in Codemgr_wsdata directory.
    • 4304125: rcs2ws creates corrupted sccs files from rcs files updated after y2000.
    • 4286662: rcs2ws does not appear to be able to convert rcs files that contain binaries.
    • 4270990: dmake fails when target .WAIT is in the dependency list of Pattern Matching Rule.
    • 4235660: dmake -m parallel core dumps.

  11. Help

    • 4279156 Incorrect Help menu items in Freezepointing Output window.
    • 4279101: Incorrect Help menu items in Versioning History window.

  13. Misc

    • 4291053: Missing/Duplicate Mnemonics in TW menus.
    • 4299702: TeamWare packages install files with owner bin: should be root.

    C. Problems and Workarounds

    This section discusses the Sun WorkShop TeamWare problems that could not be fixed in time for this release and possible workarounds for those problems.  Check Hot News for Sun WorkShop 6 (http://www.sun.com/workshop/users/ws.html) -->for updated information.

    This section is divided into the following subsections:

    1. Configuring
    2. Versioning
    3. Merging
    4. Freezepointing
    5. Dmake
    6. File Chooser
    7. Help

    1. Configuring Problems and Workarounds
      • Don't use spaces in workspace names. If you do, Configuring will create a single workspace, but will load two different workspaces that it cannot access. For example, if you create a workspace called "foo bar," Configuring will create a single "foo bar" workspace, but will load two separate workspace icons, "foo" and "bar." If you try to access either workspace, you will get the error that "foo" or "bar" doesn't exist.
      • Workaround: To access "foo bar," use the File -> Load Workspaces menu and select the "foo bar" workspace. You can use File -> Unload Workspaces to remove the bogus "foo" and "bar" workspace icons from the Configuring window.

      • Sun WorkShop TeamWare transactions ignore directories that are symbolic links. For example, if you perform a bringover on a workspace that includes a directory that is a symbolic link, Configuring will issue a warning, skip the directory, and continue the bringover. 
      • Workaround: Do not use symbolic links for TeamWare workspaces or directories within TeamWare workspaces. 

    2. Versioning Problems and Workarounds
    3. Merging Problems and Workarounds

    4. Freezepointing Problems and Workarounds
    5. Dmake Problems and Workarounds

    7. File Chooser Problems and Workarounds

      • Changes to the current directory may not be reflected in the file chooser file list. Click Update to view the current list.

    9. Help Problems and Workarounds

    10. D. Limitations and Incompatibilities 

      This section discusses the following limitations and incompatibilities with systems or other software: 

      1. TeamWare
      2. Configuring
      3. Versioning
      4. Merging
      5. Freezepointing
      6. Dmake

      1. TeamWare Limitations and Incompatibilities

        Avoid using the sccs subcommands cdc, comb, fix, and rmdel in TeamWare workspaces. Using these commands can alter SCCS history files in ways which will make it impossible for Sun WorkShop TeamWare tools to correctly track file history. These commands also have undesirable side effects when used on files that exist in multiple workspaces that eventually may be merged. 

        The problems with these commands are:

        cdc: Can cause unnecessary branching and confusing histories.
        comb: Completely rebuilds the SCCS history file.
        fix: A front-end for rmdel.
        rmdel: SCCS restricts the use of the rmdel command to remove only the most recent (leaf) delta on a branch. If you remove a delta that also exists in another workspace, it is possible that another user will add a delta in the other workspace. The delta that was removed in your workspace will no longer be a leaf delta when the files are merged. 

      3. Configuring Limitations and Incompatibilities
      4. Versioning Limitations and Incompatibilities
      5. Merging Limitations and Incompatibilities

      7. Freezepointing Limitations and Incompatibilities

      9. Dmake Limitations and Incompatibilities

      E. Documentation Errors 

      There is no new information at this time. 

      F. New Features

      This section describes some of the new features in this release: 

      1. Workspace History Viewer
      2. Autogenerated Transaction Comments
      3. Menu Reorganization
      4. Putback Validation
      5. AutoFreezepointing
      6. Workspace Descriptive Names
      7. Workspace Integrity Check
      8. Versioning Customized Menu
      9. SCCS Admin Flags
      10. Misc New Features

      1. Workspace History Viewer
          Sun WorkShop TeamWare now includes an easy way to view the information in the workspace history file. In the Workspace History Viewer, you can view the transaction history of a workspace, transaction details, comments, and the command log. You can sort and filter the entries, and search the comments and command log.

      2. Autogenerated Transaction Comments
          This new option adds delta comments to transaction output and e-mail notification, including delta number, owner and comments. In Configuring, choose Workspace -> Bringover Create /Bringover Update/Putback and check the Delta Comments box, or use the -d option to the bringover/putback commands.

      3. Menu Reorganization
          SunWorkShop TeamWare 6 has implemented the following changes to the GUI:
          Sun WorkShop(TM) TeamWare 2.1 Sun WorkShop TeamWare 6
          File -> Load Parent Workspace -> Load Parent
          File -> Load Children Workspace -> Load Children
          File -> Create Empty Child Workspace Workspace -> Create Child
          Edit -> Delete Workspace -> Delete
          Edit -> Rename Workspace -> Rename
          Edit -> Parent Workspace -> Reparent
          Edit -> Update -> Nametable Workspace -> Update Nametable
          Transactions -> Bringover -> Create Actions -> Bringover Create
          Transactions -> Bringover -> Update Actions -> Bringover Update
          Options -> Workspace Workspace -> Properties
          Options -> Workspace -> Edit Locks  Workspace -> Edit Locks
          NEW View -> Refresh
          NEW Workspace -> View History
          NEW Workspace -> Properties -> Freezepointing
          NEW Workspace -> Properties -> Putback Validation
          NEW Options -> Configuring -> Load Children: Selective/All
          NEW File -> File Info
          NEW Commands -> Uncheckout 

      4. Putback Validation

          Putback Validation allows you to protect a workspace. When you turn putback validation on, only putbacks are allowed to the workspace and the user is prompted for a "password" (Integration Request Identifier). Sun WorkShop TeamWare only records the Integration Request Identifier, it does not validate it. To validate the Integration Request Identifier, you must write your own validation program. For more information, see Protecting Workspaces With Putback Validation at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Start/ts3a3.html and Invoking Your Own Putback Validation Program at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Start/ts3a4.html.

      6. AutoFreezepointing
          Autofreezepointing creates a freezepoint file for you before or after specific transactions: bringovers, putbacks, undos or resolves. Autofreezepointing creates freezepoint files in your workspace in the Codemgr_wsdata/Freezepoints directory.  For more information see Automatically Generating Freezepoints at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Freeze/tf2a4.html.

      7. Workspace Descriptive Names

          With this feature, you can give a workspace a descriptive name that is more meaningful to your team members. This descriptive name is included in e-mail notification. The descriptive name and detailed description is saved in Codemgr_wsdata/description. For more information, see Giving a Workspace a Descriptive Name at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Start/ts2d.html; the workspace man page, "desc" option; and the description.4 man page.

      9. Workspace Integrity Check

          This new option to the workspace command checks a workspace for inconsistencies. It checks files, access modes, parent-child relationships, and condition of the the history file.  The syntax is workspace check [ -W ] [ -s ] wsname .... The command  exits  with  the  following values: 0 = workspace is okay, or 1 = error.

      11. Versioning Customized Menu
          The Customized Menu feature adds a new menu in the Versioning window titled "Customized" and provides access to your own commands. For information, see Creating A Customized Menu at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Get/ti4a.html.

      12. SCCS Admin Flags
          This new dialog box will allow you to set SCCS admin flags for a file through the Versioning GUI. For example, if you want to have Versioning prompt for MRs (modification request strings) during putbacks, put the name of validation program in the Validation Program box. Versioning will prompt users for MRs and pass them to the validation program. 

          To access this feature, in Versioning, choose File -> File Info. For more information, see SCCS File Properties Dialog Box at file:<install-dir>/SUNWspro/docs/tw-help/Get/tv1b.html. For more info about SCCS admin flags, see the sccs-admin man page. 

      13. Misc New Features

        • Configuring: New button for bringovers and putbacks: select entire workspace.
        • Configuring: Props key displays Workspace properties dialog box. 
        • Configuring: e-mail notification now includes transaction type in the subject line.
        • Versioning: Can "uncheckout" files (Commands menu).
        • Versioning: Double-clicking on a version number in the file history viewer displays the file in your default editor. 
        • Versioning: You can now select two deltas in the File History Viewer and display the differences with context (diff -c). (View Menu) 
        • Versioning: The dashed lines in the history graph now have arrows showing direction.
        • Versioning: You can now give list of files or directories as arguments to the vertool command. The last file or directory specified in the argument is loaded in the History window and the other files or directories are added to the Filename or Directory combo-box.
        • Freezepointing: Line numbers and line ends displayed in the left and right panes of Freezepointing.
        • All: SCCS errors are displayed by default. 


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