Sets the flag %{bamf}. This flag controls whether TF will cooperate with portals. A portal allows a mud character to move from one server to another transparently, by simply going through a seemingly normal mud exit.

How it works: A "portal" is text sent by a server of the form:

#### Please reconnect to name@addr (host) port port ####

For example:

#### Please reconnect to Islandia@ (hawkwind.utcs.toronto.edu) port 2323 ####

If %{bamf} is off, lines in this format have no effect. If %{bamf} is on, Fugue will attempt to use the portal as an UnterMUD portal: it will disconnect from the current world, and attempt to connect to the new world; if the %{login} flag is also on, TF will try to log in to the new world using the name and password from the current world. If bamf is "old", Fugue will connect to the new world without disconnecting from the current world. If %{login} is also on, and the new world has been defined with a name and password in an /addworld command, Fugue will attempt to log in automatically.

The flag %{bamf} defaults to 0 (off).

See: worlds, sockets, %bamf, %login

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