/LIST [-s] [macro-options] [name] [= body]

Lists macros having all the specified options. Except for "-s", each option is compared against a macro's option, and the macro selected only if the options match. Omitted options are "don't care", and will not be used in the comparison. Thus, with no arguments, /list will list all non-invisible macros.


List macros in short format.
Determines matching style used for comparison of string fields (trigger, keybinding, keyname, hook, worldtype, name, and body). This is not compared against the -m options of macros. If omitted, the style is determined by %{matching}.
Matches macros with a corresponding /def option whose option-argument matches pattern. pattern. An option with no pattern matches all macros that have that option, regardless of the value of the option-argument. A "{}" glob pattern or "^$" regexp can be used to match macros that don't have that option,
-h["event[ pattern]"]
Matches macros with hooks matching event and pattern. "-h" by itself matches all non-empty hooks; "-h0" matches only macros without hooks.
Matches macros having one or more of the display attributes in attrs.
Matches invisible macros as well as normal macros.
Matches only invisible macros.
A pattern that macro names must match. The glob pattern "{}" or regexp "^$" will match only macros without names. If name starts with "#", it is compared against macro numbers, instead of as a pattern against macro names.
= body
body is a pattern that macro bodies must match. The glob pattern "{}", or the regexp "^$" or the simple pattern "" will match bodyless macros only.

Other options allowed by /def may be used with /list, and are compared directly to macros.

The return value of /list is the number of the last macro listed, or 0 if no macros were listed (because of error or none matched the specified options).

The standard library also defines the macros /listbind, /listdef, /listgag, /listhilite, /listfullhilite, /listpartial, /listhook, and /listtrig, which list macros of the appropriate type.


    /list -mregexp -n0 -t -aurfdh ^foo =
will list all macros whose names begin with "foo"; have a trigger; are not multi-shots; have any of the underline, reverse, flash, dim, or hilite attributes; and have an empty body.

See: macros, triggers, patterns, attributes, library, /def

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