/LISTSOCKETS [-s] [-mstyle] [-Ttype] [name]

Lists the sockets to which TinyFugue is connected.

Options and arguments:

short form, list only world names
Use style for pattern matching in other options (default: %{matching}).
list only worlds with a type matching the pattern type.
list only worlds with a name matching the pattern name.

The output will look something like this (unless the -s option is given):

     LINES IDLE TYPE      NAME            HOST                       PORT
        48  13h tiny.muck Cave            tcp.com                    2283
*  foregnd   1m tiny.mush DeepSeas        muds.okstate.edu           6250
      none   7s telnet    whitehouse.gov, whitehouse.gov             smtp
 ?    none  15s tiny      SlowMUD         slow.machine.com           4201
The columns and their meanings are:
unlabeled first column
"*" marks the current socket.
unlabeled second column
the state of the socket is "!" for dead, "?" for pending, "@" for an established proxy connection, or blank for a normal established connection.
for a background socket, the number of unseen lines; for a foreground socket, "foregnd".
how long since the last text was received on the socket.
the type of the world (set with /addworld -T).
the name of the world associated with the socket.
the host to which the socket is connected.
the port to which the socket is connected.

The return value of /listsockets is the number of open sockets listed.

See: sockets, %background, /connect, /fg, nactive(), idle()

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