/MARK dir
/DOPATH path

These commands, similar to those in tintin, help keep track of sequences of directions between two locations on a mud. When mapping is enabled with /mark, all mud movement commands (n, s, e, w, ne, sw, nw, se, u, d) that you type are recorded in the "current path".

/mark clears the current path and starts recording your movement.

/unmark disables map recording (but does not clear the current path).

/path prints the current recorded path.

/revert "undoes" the last movement by deleting it from the path and executing the opposite movement command. (This was called "/return" prior to version 4.0).

/map adds dir to the current path as if you had actually gone in that direction.

/unpath deletes the last movement from the path (but does not move you to your previous position)

/savepath defines a macro named name that will execute the movements in the currently defined path. (To save this macro to a file, use "/save [-a] file name").

/dopath executes a path. Path must be a space-separated list of movement commands with optional repeat counts. For example, "/dopath 10 n e d 2 w" will execute "n" 10 times, "e" once, "d" once, and "w" twice.

See: /require, speedwalk

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