/PASTE [-p] [prefix]

After executing /paste, every line of input (including lines that begin with "/") will have prefix prepended to it and then get executed (without substitution). If prefix is omitted, it defaults to the value of %paste_prefix; if %paste_prefix is empty or unset, it defaults to ":|". Entering the line "/endpaste" turns this off. /Paste can be very useful when using the cut-and-paste mechanism of many windowing systems.


"paragraph mode": adjacent non-blank lines are joined, and leading spaces are stripped (this is particularly useful when pasting text cut from a web browser or a window of different width).

Note that /endpaste is not actually a command, but a "magic cookie" recognized by /paste. "/Endpaste" and SIGINT (ctrl-c) are the only ways to end /paste.

See: /quote

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