/RECALL [-wworld] [-ligv] [-t[format]] [-aattrs] [-mstyle] [#]range [pattern]

Recalls lines from a history buffer.


recall from current world's history (default)
recall from world's history
recall from local history (i.e., TF output)
recall from global history (all worlds, and local)
recall from input history
display timestamps on each line, using format. If format is omitted, "[%{time_format}]" will be used.
recall lines that don't match the pattern
quiet: suppress the header and footer lines
suppress specified attributes (e.g., -ag shows gagged lines)
matching style (simple, glob, or regexp).
display line numbers (must be last option, before range)

range can have one of the formats below. If x and y are plain integers, they are interpreted as line numbers or counts. If they have the form "hours:minutes" or "hours:minutes:seconds", they are interpreted as time values (either a period of time, or a clock time within the last 24 hours).

Recall the last x matching lines.
Recall from the last x lines, or lines within the last time period x.
Recall lines starting with x and ending with y.
If y is a line number, recall the yth previous line; if y is a time, recall lines earlier than y. Remember to use "-" before "-y" so it isn't interpreted as an option.
Recall lines after x.

If range is prefixed with "#", line numbers will be displayed.

If pattern is given, only lines in the given range that match pattern will be recalled. The matching style is determined by the -m option if given, %{matching} otherwise.

If the output of /recall is being sent to the screen, it will be preceded with "---- Recall start ----" and followed by "---- Recall end ----", unless -q is used. These lines will not be produced if the output is redirected, for example with $(...) command substitution or "/quote `/recall".

If lines are received while tf is suspended (by ^Z or /suspend) or in a subshell (by /sh), the timestamps on the lines will correspond to the time tf resumed control, not the time they actually arrived.

The return value of /recall is the number of lines that were actually recalled.

See: history, attributes, /quote, %time_format

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