/RECORDLINE [-lig] [-w[world]] [-ttime] text

Records text into a history buffer.


record to current world's history
record to world's history
record to local history
record to global history (default)
record to input history
record the line with the system time time (as displayed by /recall -t@) instead of the current time

The text will not be echoed to the screen or saved in any log.

/Recordline can be combined with /quote to read a log file back into history. For example, if you had created a log with "/log -i input.log" in an earlier tf session, you could start a new tf session and use

/quote -dexec /recordline -i - 'input.log

to restore that input history. That way, you could use the RECALLB, RECALLF, RECALLBEG, RECALLEND, SEARCHB, and SEARCHF (^P, ^N, ^[<, ^[>, ^[P, and ^[N) keys to recall lines you typed in the earlier session.

Note that /recordline always appends to the end of a history. /Recordline -ttime makes it possible to insert lines that are not in chronological order, which may produce strange results with /recall.

See: /recall, /quote, history

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