/SH [-q] [command]
/PSH [command]

If no command is given, /sh and /psh execute an interactive shell named by %{SHELL}. With a command, /sh will execute command in the default shell (/bin/sh on unix), and /psh will execute command in the shell named by %{SHELL}. Command is executed interactively, so it may accept input and may produce any output.

In visual mode, /sh and /psh will fix the screen first, and restore it after executing the shell. /Sys does not.

If the -q option is given, /sh will be quiet: the SHELL hook will not be called, and the "Executing" line will not be printed.

If the %{shpause} flag is on, Fugue will wait for a keypress before returning.

Note: calling /sh or /psh with arguments from a trigger is very dangerous. If not written carefully, such a trigger could allow anyone with access to the server to gain access to your shell account.

The return value of /sh and /psh is the exit status of the shell if it exited normally, -1 otherwise. Note that UNIX shell commands usually return 0 for success and nonzero for failure.

See: /quote, /sys, utilities (/psh)

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