/TELNET host [port]

Connect to a line-based telnet host. The telnet login port is used if port is omitted.

Note that TF operates strictly in line-by-line mode, but telnetd (the server running on the telnet login port) expects character-by- character mode. So, simple shell operations and anything else which is basically line-by-line should work without much difficulty, but anything that tries to control the screen or expects single keystroke input will not work. /Telnet is somewhat useful, but not useful enough to alter the fundamental line-by-line nature of TF. If you want a general telnet client, you know where to find it.

TF supports most of the TELNET protocol and the options ECHO (lets server control echoing of input), SGA (suppress GOAHEAD), EOR (allows use of END-OF-RECORD in prompts), NAWS (allows TF to send window size information to the server), and BINARY (allows transmission of 8-bit characters). For information on TELNET protocol, see RFC 854 and 1123. See also: prompts.

See: /addtelnet, /connect, %telopt, %binary_eol

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