Topics marked with + are new; those marked with * have changed since the last version. Many topics also have subtopics that are not listed here (e.g., individual variables, hooks, and functions).

  copying	copyright; no warranty
  intro		introduction to tf
  startup	how to start tf
  interface	how input works
  tfrc		personal config file
 *visual	split-screen mode
  commands	list of commands
 *worlds	defining worlds
  patterns	pattern matching
 *variables	state and environment
 *globals	special tf variables
  attributes	special text display
  prompts	using LP/Diku prompts
  problems	bugs, core dumps, etc.
 *evaluation	macro body execution
  macros	user-defined commands
 *sockets	world connections
  history	recall and logging
  priority	trigger/hook selection
  keybindings	keyboard operations
  color		terminal color codes
  protocol	LP/Diku prompt protocol
  expressions	math and string operations
  triggers	automatic command execution based on incoming text
  hooks		automatic command execution based on tf events
 +mail		mail checking
  library	macros and variables in
 *tools		extra commands in
  utilities	useful extra command files
  processes	timed commands and command quoting
 *subs		arithmetic, command, macro, and variable substitutions
 *functions	special expression operations
  hints		some hints and style tips for macro programming
 *tfio		output, error, and world streams
  proxy		connecting to outside hosts via a proxy server (firewall)
 +locale	multi-language support

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