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Creating a web site in your DartFS account

These are not created by default, to avoid problems with content accidentally being placed in there, and made accessible to the world. Ask Research Computing for assistance. Aliases can be created for NetIDs, subject to approval.

All DartFS accounts and lab shares can be configured with a public_html folder with appropriate permissions to allow the web server on rcweb to read it. For personal accounts, your URL would be http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/~NETID/ or http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/homes/NETID
For lab shares, the URL would be http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/LABNAME

Content can also be placed under WebAuth control (requiring a valid NetID for access), with access via http://rcweb.dartmouth.edu/shares/NETID

Rcweb currently serves static HTML (.html) pages, server side includes (.shtml), PHP scripts (.php). There are significant difficulties with securing non-trivial CGI scripts which would want to modify files in DartFS.

For additional information, see the general advice on Personal WordPress sites at Dartmouth

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Last updated October 14, 2019